Ayahuasca Cats.
Our ceremony begins.

7,777 Ayahuasca Cats 😻 remind us that it's all love.
Take some time to relax today 🙏 🌿

Cats are hand-drawn by one of our favorite artists from Japan 🇯🇵 🎨

--- Team ---

Mameko painting

MM is an accomplished artist from Japan with international exhibitions 🇯🇵 🌏

Her work is inspired by dance and expression using the body.

Magnolia Ayahuascat pfp

Our fearless founder! She loves taking vacations on tropical islands 🏖

In addition to Ayahuasca Cats, she's tinkering with innovative ideas in NFTs and DeFi.
Saito Ayahuascat pfp

Our product guy. Always hiking a mountain in his spare time 🏔

Trained at one of the biggest companies in web3 and is an advisor to several startups.
A cat cosmonaut

Our community and marketing lead. Just had his first child, a beautiful daughter 👶

Previously Head of Community at one of the largest NFT projects, and now herding Ayahuasca Cats.
Snake and jungle

Mother Ayahuasca
Her Spirit shows us the truth. She shows us peace, calm, and understanding through love ❤️